Free Email Server Testing Report from [ME] - 090916

Technote: Free Email Server Testing Report from [ME] - 090916

First open a ticket with our support team: then click "Contact Support"
Please make note of the email From Address that you will be sending from.

Once we have you configured for the test / send an email from the noted email addy above to:  

FROM ADDRESS (RFC5322.from) to

You will then be receiving a report back into the email inbox you sent the request from.


Our Email Authentication Tester uses header information from your email to run more than 100 mail tests against your mail server configuration. If we find references to additional mail servers in your headers, configuration or DNS records, we'll test those, too.

If your email is not configured correctly:

  •  Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc might be sending it to spam
  •  It's likely some of your customers don't even receive your emails
  •  Highly possible you will be listed on different blacklists
  •  You will be losing sales and customers
  •  Customers will get angry from not getting information from you
  •  Your IT costs will increase to clean your IP's and reputation
All email companies requires your emails to be configured properly, read the Postmaster Guidlines.


Header Information

  •  Return Path
  •  DKIM Signature
  •  DomainKey Signature
  •  Message ID
  •  X-AntiAbuse
  •  and more

RFC Based Testing

  •  RFC 2045 (MIME)
  •  RFC 4406 (Sender ID)
  •  RFC 4408 (SPF)
  •  RFC 4871 (DKIM)
  •  RFC 5322 (Message Format)
  •  and more

DNS Records Checks

  •  MX Records
  •  rDNS PTR Records
  •  SPF Records
  •  Last Sending Domain
  •  A Records
  •  and more

Email Port Checks

  •  Connection Status
  •  Supported Extensions
  •  SMTP Banner rDNS
  •  SSL Protocol
  •  SSL Cipher
  •  and more

SpamAssassin Analysis

  •  #1 Open Source Anti-Spam Platform
  •  Robust Scoring Framework
  •  Advanced Heuristic & Statistical Analysis
  •  Test Email Headers and Body Text
  •  Bayesian filtering, DNS blocklists
  •  and more

And Much More

  •  SPF Alignment
  •  DKIM Alignment
  •  DMARC Check
  •  Author Domain Signing Policy (ADSP)
  •  DomainKeys Check
  •  and more
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