Q: I just received a spam message to my inbox... Why did that happen if it was supposed to be filtered through MailEdge.net?

A: There are a few reasons why you may receive a message that seems to be spam:

  • First verify that the domain has the proper MX records pointing to mx1.mailedget.net, mx2, mx3 and mx4 - Priority 10,20,30, and 40.
  • Verify that the message wasn't sent to an alias or forwarding domain that hasn't been set up as an Alias domain in your Spam Experts control panel, and that the domain also has the proper MX record. Mail sent to an email forward address that isn't listed in the Domain Alias section will not be filtered
  • After that it's time to look at the email headers to verify that the email message went through the Spam Experts filters and wasn't delivered directly to your mail server. View the long headers of that email to find the X-Spampanel-Class line. If you do not have any X-Spampanel entries then Spam Experts didn't get to filter that message. If we're providing you with email service contact support to help determine why it may have been sent directly to the mail server and not through your MX record.
  • If you see the X-Spampanel-Class headers and one of them shows 'ham' or 'unsure' it means that it was filtered but Spam Experts couldn't decide if it was spam or not, so it let it through. If you want to actively assist with system training for your domain you can can set an 'Unsure' tag in the Filter Settings of the control panel to report 'Unsure' messages as Spam or Not Spam accordingly.
  • Use one of the Report Spam options to help train the system so you don't get mail like this in the future. Use the control panel Report Spam option or the email Plugin. To use the control panel Report Spam and Report Not Spam functions you must save your email as an .eml file.
  • Alternatively, you can forward as an attachment a spam .eml file to their reporting address of spamreport@spamrl.com to report spam.
  • It is also worth noting that newsletters with an Unsubscribe feature that are not on any bad lists from a filtering perspective are not treated as spam by default. The best way to eliminate newsletter type mail is to unsubscribe, set up a rule or filter in your email program for it, or add it to your Sender Blacklist.
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